Great illustration captures attention, enhances your brand’s aesthetic, and drives your message home.

Whether you’re looking to sell a product, idea, or enhance long form content, our illustration services can amplify your customer’s experience with your brand.

A vintage wildlife illustration of a bear and a salmon
A collection of outdoors sticker designs for kids
A beautiful flower illustration inside an elliptical
A building illustration for a restaurant in Calgary, Madison's 1212
A vintage illustration of retro cartoon characters; an ice cream cone, soft drink, and hot dog whistling
Two vintage travel poster designs of locations in the Yukon and Alberta
A midcentury modern Christmas tree illustration
A graphical illustration of a beer can for a Calgary brewery branding project
A colourful illustration of a pizza with wings for a Calgary restaurant branding project
A one colour illustration of a lunch menu at a restaurant in Calgary, featuring tater tots, a fizzy fruit drink, a bahn mi sub, and a lunch bag
A logo design lockup in a vintage Americana illustration style for a Calgary restaurant branding project
A collection of Japanese illustration elements we created as part of a sushi restaurant branding project in Calgary
A vintage logo design of a cabana in an Americana style for a Calgary restaurant branding project
A one colour illustration of a Nissan Skyline driving towards Godzilla we made for an apparel design company
A simple vintage pin design we made for a rock band with Smokey the Bear on it
A vibrant set of one-lined infographics we made for an NFT based brewery
A vintage poster design concept we made, inspired by a classic video game we love, Shadow of the Colossus
A detailed illustration made for a Calgary rock band apparel design, featuring nosferatu overlooking a castle
An ornate spanish-themed illustrated logo design sprinkled with elements of Catalan throughout
The emblem Steve illustrated for his own wedding, drawn in a vintage style, with their two favourite animals at the time, a goat and a snake enveloping the outer ring, and ornate embellishments surrounding the perimeter

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